Wombat - What Death Tastes Like (CD)



You know the saying – Wombat’s back! And this time he’s back with his debut album, What Death Tastes Like.
Years in the making, the 25 year old artist from Tasmania has poured every ounce of his energy into this record.
Touching on the ups and downs of his life so far, love, family, friends and addictions, the record is a deep dive into who Wombat is as a person, while showcasing the raw skill he has always had as an artist.
What Death Tastes Like is comprised of 14 brand new songs and features collabs with the likes of Complete, Chillinit, Vinsins and Słoń.
A cult favourite, Wombat has proved himself to be one of the most gifted emcee's in the country since he first hit the scene in 2018 and is set to solidify his place in the history of Aus rap with this record.


What Death Tastes Like will be released on Friday 2nd September 2022.