Some Girls | Nelly Thomas



Some girls are good with cars and bikes. Some girls are good with art and kites. Some girls are good with puzzles and maths. And some girls are good with dolls and cats.

Some Girls is a story about how everyone is different and special in their own way. It’s about knowing that you can do, and be, anything you want.

Whether your girl is rough, tough, gentle or pretty, this book is for her.

She might have short hair, long hair, big hair or strong hair – Some Girls says all girls can look however they want!

Written by Australian comedian Nelly Thomas, Some Girls encourages all girls to be free of stereotypes and other kids – and adults – to allow them to be.

Read it with the young kids in your life and show them early that...“All Kids Can Be Whoever They Want”!

About the Author

Nelly Thomas is one of Australia's most natural and intelligent performers. Swinging fast and boldly between refined social satire and a guilty gorging on junk TV, you'd be hard pressed to find a more engaging, thought-provoking comedy experience.

Nelly sprung into comedy suddenly, winning the Comedy Festival's Raw Comedy competition in 2003. In eight action packed years since then, she has directed Barry Award winning Maria Bamford, toured nationally and internationally, established her own Melbourne comedy room and toured shows around the world.

Nelly has released her first DVD The Talk - a sexual health and ethics DVD for teens and their carers - to popular acclaim.

In addition Nelly is a regular guest and co-host on ABC Radio 774 and has had numerous other media appearances on the Comedy Channel, ABC TV and local community radio.