Eternal Nightcap Vinyl LP - 25th Anniversary Remastered



Remastered 2022 | Baked and extracted from original ½” tapes.

Beloved album, Eternal Nightcap, has been remastered and is being re-released on vinyl.

This 25th Anniversary edition is a high-quality ecograde vinyl pressing.

The nickel master and "mother" were produced in Germany at Pallas GmbH, the world's premium quality pressing plant, and once the Ukraine War affected supply lines, the "mother" was shipped to Holiday Records in New Zealand where the albums were pressed.

Eternal Nightcap captured the hearts of a generation by describing a whole decade of its life - the mad, emotional, love-hungry contagion of the late teens and 20s. From love (‘Melbourne’) to mad parties (‘You Sound Like Louis Burdett’) to tragic friendships (‘The Charlie trilogy), the album kicked off with the offbeat #1 ‘No Aphrodisiac’ and never looked back.

Eternal Nightcap's reputation as a cultural touchstone has only firmed with time, and last year Rolling Stone placed it #24 in their 200 Best Australian Albums of All Time list.


  1. No Aphrodisiac - 2022 Remaster
  2. Buy Now Pay Later (Charlie No. 2) - 2022 Remaster
  3. Love Is Everywhere - 2022 Remaster
  4. You Sound Like Louis Burdett - 2022 Remaster
  5. Melbourne - 2022 Remaster
  6. Where's The Enemy? - 2022 Remaster


  1. Charlie No. 3 - 2022 Remaster
  2. Tangled Up In Blue - 2022 Remaster
  3. Laugh In Their Faces - 2022 Remaster
  4. Charlie No. 1 - 2022 Remaster
  5. Up Against The Wall - 2022 Remaster
  6. Band On Every Corner - 2022 Remaster